1Alan Caheny
2Peter Loftus
3Stephen Walsh
4Damien Kelly


5John Kelly
6Michael McManara
7John V
8Finola Jennings
9Dietrich Pfeiffer
10Siobhan Maye


11Paul Fielding
12Adrian Padden
13Kath Thompson
14Marian Forde
15Aileen Gough
16Vincent Frawley
17Dennis Molloy
18Grainne Gough


  1. Players can challenge any player within two places of them eg Kath can challenge Adrian or Paul  and John Kelly can challenge Damien and Stephen
  2. Matches are best of 3 sets, tie break rules apply
  3. Players to arrange their own matches
  4. Results to be texted to kath on 086 4086353
  5. Ladder will be updated at the end of each month showing any position changes
  6. To be included in the ladder please text Kath 
  7. Walkovers should be avoided and games played where possible  
  8. Contact details are available from previous league info sheets 

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